Gillard on NSW

Asked if she had concerns about the sale, the Prime Minister said, “if I was a resident in NSW I would certainly want to be assured that if a government asset was being sold off that appropriate value for money for that asset was being obtained”.

One could hardly cite such an endorsement from a senior member of your own party so close to an election.

Swansea Labor MP Robert Coombs said the community had a right to know if value for money was achieved in the $5.3 billion sale. He would seem to be in step with Julia.

More than a dozen Labor MPs have voiced concerns over how the state power sale was pushed through at midnight and at the Premier’s shutting down of Parliament in a failed attempt to silence an inquiry.

“It is causing a rupture amongst the caucus,” one Labor MP said.

MPs have raised significant concerns about how it was done and the motivation for it and why we didn’t just get on with allowing a public process that would be transparent and open.

“There is concern there’s more than meets the eye.” said another.


As this story unravels, or unravels the remains of the NSW State Labor Government. One could believe that this might happen in some far flung 3rd world dictatorship. Democracy is, it would seem, currently in suspension in NSW as the likes of Keneally and Roozendaal act with despotic determination.

I don’t know about Denmark, but I am fairly certain something is rotten in NSW.


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