The New South Wales Crown Solicitor, Ian Knight, has advised The Premier, Kristina Keneally, that the committee formed by the legislative council to consider the matter is unconstitutional. The point at issue being that the committee was not formed until after Parliament had been prorogued at which point parliament did not have the power to form a committee.

There is a good amount of creditability to this argument, and a large number of matters of which I have little knowledge.

One thing however is very clear about this whole matter. Kristina Keneally does not want the sale of the grid discussed, examined, or reviewed or considered by reasonable people. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the committee of the Legislative Council can not look into the transaction. At the same time she is sitting on a report which she does not as yet want to tell us about. We are required to take this matter on trust, as indeed I suspect the bulk of the elected members of her own party are also expected to take this matter on trust.

The track record of this Government is such that one would think she would be pleased to have every transaction and policy reviewed so that we could all see how good and clean the new look is.

I believe that there is something being hidden. I would like to know what. Without an enquiry I expect we never will.

I am not mindless of the fact that there is an election on the 26 th of March, and I believe Kristina Keneally knows about that as well. At this point in the proceedings one must conclude that she has factored the election into her deliberations.

  1. If I tell the people of NSW the whole story there will be an electoral backlash
  2. If I ensure that that people of NSW do not get the whole story the will be an electoral backlash.

Faced with that decision Kristina Keneally, I conclude, has decided that it would be more damaging for the ALP if we did know than if we didn’t know, and she has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we will not know. Therefore I am left to conclude that whatever it is, it is very bad.

It would be good if we had some well resourced tenacious journalists who would dig on this one. On the 26th of March we get to have a say, and we will.


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