Another Twist

The Terms of Reference for the Legislative Council Committee seem innocuous enough. One wonders what the game is. I know that Politics is a bit of a game, however the Government of the People, By the People, For the People, is not.

We live in the Information Age, and one piece of information that has become clear is that their is a lot of information not being shared, and possibly being used for purposes that may not be in our best interests,

Here are the exact terms of reference which can be got from the parliament house website.


That General Purpose Standing Committee No. 1 inquire into and report on the following aspects of the Government Energy Reform Strategy announced on 15 December 2010:

  1. The details of the energy reform transactions completed on Tuesday 14 December 2010
  2. The circumstances that led to the resignation  of directors from Eraring Energy and Delta Electricity
  3. The impact the transaction will have on current and future electricity prices, competition in the electricity market, and the value obtained for NSW taxpayers; and
  4. Other related matters.

It would seem that there should be nothing here that would cause the need for Kristina Keneally to prorogue parliament in order to try to stop this committee from meeting.

Back in October last year (2010) the premier asked the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal  (IPART) to examine ways to curtail price rises to consumers. That report has now been delivered, but not released, and as ministers are on holidays in January it has been scheduled fro the cabinet meeting on February 1.

So now, that report may have a get out of gaol card in it for the Premier, or it may not. By sitting on it for the next 31 days the Premier has a game card. A major piece of information that is not available to the committee of the Legislative Council.

Barry O’Farrell has to second guess this report, and what the Government intends to do with it. Of course the report may be crap for the Government in which case they will sit on it till it lays an egg, or it may be a good fail-safe check to the committee. Barry looked like he had a Christmas Present, but for the New Year he needs a copy of the report.  And I reckon any time  in the next 24 hours would be OK for him.

It is just possible that there is enough unhappiness around that he might just get a peek at an extract fairly soon. I thought when the story broke he should have gone off like the fireworks for New Years come early, but maybe he was playing the smart game, or maybe he just did not know what to do.

In 84 days  the people of NSW have to make a decision. If Barry is to be the choice, he needs to step up to the plate and show us that he can lead, he can make decisions, he does have a competent team, and that NSW does not need to carry on putting up with what we have long suffered.


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