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One can but wonder how much Kristina Keneally wants us to believe that there is a real change of heart in the Government, and that there is a genuine intention for open and transparent Government.

To prorogue parliament early is a device designed to restrict examination of a clearly contentious issue. This is very close to the issue that cost Nathan Rees his job as Premier. The issue for those who did not check the link is the sale of the electricity grid in NSW.

A Government going to the people should be prepared to be more apparently open and accountable than this. I suspect that would not want to fight the election on this issue – for I believe that would have more than one union campaigning against the sitting Labor Government.

Basically I am aghast. All I can think to say is “Not Good Enough” the people of New South Wales deserve the be treated better than this. Is Barry O’Farrell to be the first instrument of liberation from such a government?


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