Some Questions Don’t Need Answering!

Strolling on the Beach with my wife a fellow stroller strolling in the opposite direction smiled, waved and called out “How are you travelling?”.

I smiled, waved back and said “On Foot, evidently”

I then mused that with the powers of observation he may have been able to deduce that fact for himself without need to be informed.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

I observe that wordpress now offers me tags for this post, including [Health], [Question], [United States], [Travel and Tourism], [ History], [Neil Armstrong], [Buz Aldrin], and [Yelp].

Let me deal with these as we go:

Health I am not sure how wordpress imagined this though there is a connection between strolling and health.

Question I will pay this as it is in the title

United States This is a stretch beyond my capacity unless there is ingrained belief that inane questions must be asked by yanks.

Travel & Tourism It is OK to stroll when you are not on holiday

History I think History would be putting too much moment on events of the day

Neil Armstrong I am not at all sure how This guy got in the picture.

Buz Aldrin I guess I was glad to see that Buzz is not forgotten, sometimes coming second relegates you to obscurity for ever.

Yelp Yes I admit that I was walking on a dog friendly part of the beach, however there was no dog in my story, but it seems everyone wants part of the action.


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