There goes another one!

From ABC News Today

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has found the New South Wales Labor MP Angela D’Amore engaged in corrupt conduct by falsely claiming a parliamentary allowance.

The commission found that the member for Drummoyne instructed or authorised two staffers to falsely claim $4,500 worth of the allowance known as sitting day relief during 2006 and 2007.

The ICAC says the Director of Public Prosecutions should consider charging Ms D’Amore, who is also a parliamentary secretary for police, with misconduct in public office.

Ms D’Amore, who is the sister-in-law of retiring Fairfield MP Joe Tripodi, was investigated over signing false expense claims in three periods between August 2006 and June 2007.

One presumes the list of 18 ALP Incumbents not re-contesting at the March 26 Poll is about to grow to 19 . No doubt Kristina Keneally will try to find a positive out of this, however one doubts it will change the outcome as there is nothing new here.

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Crop of original picture of Kristina Keneally.
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And to her credit Kristina Keneally has acted promptly. She has stripped her of her responsibilities as a parliamentary secretary, and has asked the General Secretary to suspend her membership of the party and ensure that she is not endorsed as a candidate for the ALP.  She has not asked her to resign from parliament arguing that it is not within the premier’s ‘remit’ to do so.

That is both an interesting use of language and an interesting position to take. As we are about 100 days from the election, there seems no point in a resignation, and even less in a by-election. The Premier clearly has no power to dismiss an elected representative of the people, but sure she has the power to counsel, encourage, advise, or even call for a member to resign. The member would clearly have to right to ignore such admonitions.

Clearly had she counselled her to resign we would see clearly a new face happening in NSW Politics, but rather than criticise, 100 days out she has taken firm and swift action.


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