The Two Leaders

There is no doubt that for a Westminster democratic system, such as we have in Australia, there is a large amount of presidential style politics and campaigning.

Kristina Keneally

This lady is worth a look, and he Wikipedia article is worth a moment to read. Her husband Ben has been more active in politics going back, and Kristina has a solid reasoned theological Catholic background and a Thesis on Feminist Theology. Ben was great mates with Joe Tripodi and Best Man at his Wedding. She succeeded John DelaBosca as Minister for Aging,  Joe Tripodi as Minister for Infrastructure, Frank Sartor and Minister for Planning, and Nathan Rees as Premier. Kristina has a strong social justice thread in her bag and clearly that does not make her best friend with the right of the ALP, though that is who gave her the job.

Barry O’Farrell

Barry possibly doesn’t get the same attention as Kristina, though he has been around a lot longer having been a staffer for John Howard. His Wikipedia is also worth a read. Like Kristina he was not born and bread in New South Wales,  but rather Melbourne then Darwin, and then to Canberra where he studied History and Aboriginal Studies. He succeeded Peter Debnam as Leader following his exit from politics. To his credit he does seem to have reduced infighting in the coalition ranks at the State level, and whilst the coalition is polling well, there is a lurking suspicion that the electors would like to see more flair if they are to vote his way.

Despite the Polls

I think that the election is far from a done deal, and the liberals need to make sure that do not think they will take the state by default. Both parties need to give us something to vote for, not something to vote against.



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