The Issues

The Issues that will decide the next Government in N S W will be interesting.

Integrity in Public Life This will be a big one, however one suspects they will try and sweep it under the carpet as the believe that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

A Plan This would be novel if any of them have one. Keneally has been very good at announcements, seeming in her mind to equate an announcement with doing something.

Public Transport Yes, we know it s broken and it will take a lot of money to fix it. If money was all it needed it would be good, but because there never has been a plan, transport has had to try and work it out.

Sydney Water Whilst Waragamba Dam has been an excellent servant of Sydney, it was built in the 1940’s to cater for a city of a million people. Now with 5 Million people Sydney needs to address the water problem.

Sydney Roads The traffic disaster in Sydney where high speed tolled roads manage average speeds of 28 kph you have to wonder why we are not being aid to put up with it.

Planning This portfolio brought into utter disrepute by Frank Sartor, whose was followed by Keneally in the roll, has actually be a department for property development approvals, with little if any evidence of planning.

A panoramic view of the Sydney skyline as view...
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