A New Look ALP?

Kristina Keneally said she wanted a fresh look to take to the next election. As a result there have been a number of high profile announcements from those not seeking to be re-elected.

  1. Marie Andrews MLA (Gosford)
  2. John Aquilina MLA (Riverstone)
  3. Diane Beamer MLA (Mulgoa)
  4. David Campbell MLA (Keira)
  5. Barry Collier MLA (Miranda)
  6. Paul Gibson MLA (Blacktown)
  7. Kerry Hickey MLA (Cessnock)
  8. Phil Koperberg MLA (Blue Mountains)
  9. Grant McBride MLA (The Entrance)
  10. Gerard Martin MLA (Bathurst)
  11. Alison Megarrity MLA (Menai)
  12. Frank Sartor MLA (Rockdale)
  13. Tony Stewart MLA (Bankstown)
  14. Joe Tripodi MLA (Fairfield)
  15. Graham West MLA (Campbelltown)
  16. Kayee Griffin MLC
  17. Christine Robertson MLC
  18. Ian West MLC

There are 93 Seats in the Legislative Assembly, the lower house in N.S.W. and The ALP currently holds 50 of them, The Libs 24, the Nats 13 and 6 to the independents.  The swing will decide the result.

Based on recent polling in Australia there may be an expectation that the Greens will poll well, and other independents may poll well, though the group of three independents in the Federal House of Reps may not have helped as much as we might like.

Predicting elections is not always easy, and whilst many see the prospect of a rout of the Labor Party at the election, it may be the current flushing may be enough for the ALP to hold office.  The things that may change that on the journey to the only poll that counts may include

  • Further revelations of impropriety and mismanagement
  • The Liberals get the act into gear and present credible policy

In short I believe the prospect of labour getting worse to be marganlly higher than the prospect of the Liberal getting better.


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