An Election Looms

The New South Wales state Coat of Arms, previo...
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In New South Wales we go to the polls in March. For 15 years we have be led (or perhaps misled) by the ALP who seem to have a monopoly on the state. There is a feeling of being in a single party democracy.

Kristina Keneally may yet be more than the boys in susses street had counted upon. She called for a changing of the guard, and slowly but sure they roll, Tripodi, Sartor among the big scalps. This may well work. The Libs have started an ad campaign with echoes of Tony’s Abbott’s action plan campaign which nearly got him in. Barry seems to think he will get the state as a default because  people have tired of corruption and scandal, but he is yet to give us anything to vote for.

From a media perspective Kristina is clearly more photogenic than Barry, and the media leans to the centre side of left.


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